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What is Steampunk? Introduction to Steampunk World

Steampunk, as a style, was born out of a literary fusion between Victorian era romanticism, retro-cyberpunk, and the industrial revolution.

Steampunk meaning could be also intended as a genre of science fiction that has a historical setting and typically features some kind of steam-powered machinery rather than advanced technology

Steampunk Retro Futuristic Air Ship

The clothing and general flavor of the universe shared by fans are tinged with a combination of 1800s formal dress with a gothic or punk flair accentuated by retro-futuristic inventions.

Usually, the backdrop is set in either London or the Wild West, which can lead to several different visual types of steampunk. Clothing choices are entirely unique to each of those geographical areas.

What is Steampunking?

For most people steampunking is a fun hobby. It is a great way to have fun with friends and meet new people with similar interests at places like steampunk conventions. However, others embrace it as a way of life, and everything from their homes, wardrobe, transportation, and persona are all wrapped up in this engaging style.

There is a growing number of companies and individuals that cater to people who like to enjoy a more in-depth experience through altering everyday devices to fit the aesthetic.

This genre has its own distinctive music, art, clothing, and technology.

Origins of Steampunk

The term was created by author K.W. Jeter in the 1980s to describe certain types of literature. It has continued to grow in popularity, and as a result, there have been some appealing subsequent genres.

For example, a more recent iteration is the next evolution known as dieselpunk, which tends to fuse tribal pagan imagery with diesel-powered inventions.

Steampunk Style

The primary materials of this particular style are metal, wood, and glass are used for most accessories such as purses, arm guards, pins, glasses, and also copper and brass fittings. In addition to metal, wood and glass are used for most accessories and inventions. Gears, levers, brass trimming, locks, and keys are all very common visual elements.

The feasibility and logic of these add-ons are dependent on how seriously the particular fan feels about it.

For example, some people may simply glue on some gears to the trim of their bowler hat and add a few brass buttons to their suite, while others will have fully functional pieces of machinery attached to different parts of their bodies.

It is incredibly common to take everyday items and alter them so that they have a steampunk look or vibe.
This can include creating wooden cases for cell phones or changing laptop keyboards to have typewriter keys with brass and wooden trim.

There are companies that will alter almost anything so that it has a real
steampunk feel

Steampunk Clothing

The clothing worn by steampunk fans can be anything from historically accurate formal Victorian gowns and suits to punk-goth versions. There is an excessive amount of accessories usually accompanying any ensemble.

Women’s Clothing

Frilly dresses with corsets are incredibly popular. The Victorian-style usually has an abundance of lace, while Wild West dresses will have leather trimming. There are also several types of steampunk womenswear, including those for “ladies” such as ballroom, Wild West saloon girl, or royal dresses

steampunk women clothings
Steampunk Looking Woman

Then there are the more butch outfits that include corsets over men’s suit pants. The fabric is often frilled or layered with fabric most commonly being stripped or monochromatic.

Steampunk Men’s Clothing

Suits from the 1800s are the main inspiration for men’s clothing. Long tailcoats and dusters are common.
Where women often have corsets, men are more likely to be in vests and suits cut from the 1800s everyday and elegant wear.

Steampunk menś clothing
Steampunk Looking Man

Common Steampunk Hats

Men and women often wear hats with their wardrobe. The most common ones are listed below.

  • Top hats
  • Mini top hats
  • Equestrian top hats (for women
  • Derby hats
  • Bowler hats
  • Fascinator clips (for women)
  • Flat-topped billed hats
  • Conductor hats
  • Pith Helmets
  • Engineer caps
  • Aviator trapper caps
  • Fedoras
  • Teardrop hats (for women)
  • Boater hats
  • Bonnets (for women)
  • Cowpuncher hats
Steampunk Clothing Vintage Looking Woman and Man

They are often augmented in some way. For example, leather trim around a top hat if the setting is meant to be the Wild West or gears added to an aviator cap.

Steampunk Armor and Accessories

There are a lot of tropes within the clothing looks. These can include both cultural and industry positions that have become popular due to different common literature protagonists’ roles.

  • Knight
  • Samurai
  • Robot
  • Ladies and Lords
  • Conductor
  • Spy
  • Navy/Military
  • Airship Captain
  • Submarine Captain
  • Explorer
  • Pirate

People are very creative about what they buy, combine, and create to make unique and stand out attachments to their look.

A few of the specific accessories that you are very likely to come across include the following.

  • Gauntlets
  • Breastplates
  • Monocles and glasses
  • Breastplates
  • Pins and brooches
  • Technological gizmos
  • Pipes
  • Pouches
  • Ammunition belts
  • Goggles
  • Leather spats with brass buttons
  • Wrist cuffs
  • Jewelry of all kinds (e.g., rings, chokers, dangling necklaces, bracelets, etc.)
  • Corset belts

Weapon Holsters

Weapons of all varieties though guns and retro-blasters are favored

Being active in the steampunk community can mean anything from the occasional event to living every single day immersed in the world.

There are a large online community and many local events hosted in
larger cities.

Throughout the year, there are annual events that include the Oddities & Curiosities Expo in various major cities and themed festivals that take place around the U.S. and abroad.

This is a charming aesthetic if you are one who enjoys romantic, inventive looks that are capable of transporting you into a fantasyland. This community is all about sharing the love of a genre and having fun
while doing it.

There are many reasons why people may be drawn to it, including an appreciation of the stories, visual appeal, and a desire to return to a kind of ? good old days’ mentality.

The first thing that usually jumps out of newcomers is the sheer variety of ways in which steampunk can be expressed. There is no right or wrong way to be steampunk.

No matter what you find engaging about the style, there is something for everyone within this diverse and ever-evolving community.

Online retailers and Etsy stores are continually popping up to cater to the
discerning lady or gentleman.

Steampunk Music

This style could be defined as a mixture of styles, among which we could include gothic, synth-pop, industrial, nuances of Indian, ragtime, darkwave, all wrapped in a perfect orchestral environment that makes this type of music an extremely experience nice.

In the following video, you can hear a nice collection of steampunk compositions, I hope you enjoy it

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