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Skull Paintball Masks

If you're here, it's because you're looking for a paintball skull mask. Well, let us tell you that you have reached the right place to buy the perfect mask to protect yourself but also to scare your game rivals. So what better way to terrorize someone than a good paintball skull mask ? Keep reading, we have a lot of information and products for you!

What are the Skull Paintball Masks?

A  paintball skull mask  it’s just a paintball mask that looks like a skull . Of course is one of the main components of your paintball or airsoft kit  because will protect your face, eyes and ears. Below you can see some examples

What paintball skull mask should i buy ?

The perfect skull paintball masks are not only the most costly masks on the market! It’s going to rely in your particular needs. Do you want one thing light? Do you want one thing ultra-safe? Do you want one thing in which you’ll be able to breathe properly. Perceive all of the elements that may determine how comfy paintball skull masks can be for you.Important factors are :

  • Your Age
  • Comfort
  • Ear Security
  • Weigth
  • Breathability
  • Quality of Vision
  • UV Protection
  • Strap and ajustable quality

Should I wear goggles  in addition to the paintball mask?

This will depend on whether the mask has PC lenses or not. If the mask only has a mesh to protect the eyes, it is good idea to wear goggles along with the mask and even you’d be better off to wear a thin fabric ski-mask under it to cover your skin all around, also to protect your ears. Safety first!

Can you wear a paintball skull mask with glasses?

Yes you can ! Glasses sporting paintball gamers world wide know all too nicely the difficulty you’ll be able to have comfortably sporting your Paintball Masks together with your glasses. Even when you get them to suit good, chances are you’ll discover one other drawback through the warmth of fight

Paintball Skull Masks with PC Lenses

Below you can see a selection of skull face mask with protective eyeglasses

Anyoupin Full Face Mask

Paintball / Airsoft Goggles for Skull Paintball Facemasks

Depending on the power of the paintball gun, it may be convenient to use protective goggles to increase safety. Below you can see a few models that can complement the masks

Will a paintball mask work for airsoft?

Sure will work fine! Paintballs carry extra kinetic power than airsoft bb’s so you will be completely protected The one downside have to be the opposite holes/vents within the lower and ear elements of the masks. A variety of them are too big and you may get hit within the mouth or ears with a bb. A bit of duct tape will repair that. Anyway, below you can see a few skull airsoft mask, we hope you like them!

How to make paintball mask not fog

Skull paintball Masks fog sucks. When it will definitely occurs, you are going to get annoyed and aggravated. Couldn’t the corporate that made the masks have performed something to stop it?

The issue is, paintball masks fog impacts your efficiency and security. More often than not, it’s only a nuisance and doesn’t have a big impact in your sport. Generally although, it may well get so unhealthy that you simply gained’t be capable to see and can simply need to faucet out. Both method although, we’re fairly assured that sooner or later the circumstances are going to trigger your masks to fog up and you’ll want you had performed one thing to stop it.

When your masks begins to fog up in the course of a paintball sport. Initially, it is fairly onerous to be an excellent paintball participant when you may’t see. You’ll be able to’t shoot what you may’t see.

Nevertheless it’s additionally harmful. How so? As a result of a lot of gamers generally tend to need to carry their masks up and attempt to wipe the lens down actual fast once they cannot see. In any case, it should solely take just a few seconds so no hurt no foul.

Paintball skull mask foggy

Fog resistant mask or goggles

Fog resistant coating is solely a skinny layer of coating that’s utilized to the within of the masks by the producer. Any respected masks ought to have already got some degree of fog resistant coating utilized on the within of the lens whenever you purchase it.

Antifog Spray for masks or goggles

Anti fog spray must be a staple in each paintball gamers gear bag. What’s it? It is primarily only a cleansing spray for the lens, however it’s marketed as an “anti-fog spray” as a substitute of a cleansing spray. Like fog resistant coating although, anti-fog spray shouldn’t be a everlasting resolution. It must be utilized earlier than a recreation to be helpful.

Lens cleaner shouldn’t be excellent, nevertheless it does assist. It’s actually easy to make use of; all it’s important to do is spray some on the within of your lens after which fastidiously wipe it down with a microfiber fabric. After making use of, the lens must be clear and dry, serving to to stop or at the very least reduce condensation buildup.

Consider buying together with your goggles a good anti-fog spray Here we leave some anti-fog spray in case you find them useful

Punisher paintball mask

Finally, here we show some models of paintball punisher face mask. You know who we are talking about, the famous Marvel antihero

In addition to skull paintball mask at skulldeco, you can find


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