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Skulls Jewelry

If you got here, it's because you're looking for skull jewelry, and let me tell you it's your lucky day. In our store dedicated to the world of articles with skulls, we have for you or to give to someone special, everything you need. We know that you are one of ours and that is why we have tried our best to classify and select the best skull jewelry for you. We are the best online store dedicated to the world of skulls, so we offer you an extensive catalog of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches and rings with our favorite icon. ! Skulls !

Navigate our Skulls Jewelry Categories. Enjoy !

Why do people buy skull jewelry?

Because Skulls  jewelry is a trend that does not go out of style, which can reinvent itself in a thousand and one ways so you can continue to combine it.

Producs with skulls  are the perfect complement for authentic rebels who love something special and diferent, whether with punk, rock or Gothic style, which identifies you as original people, unconventional and wtransgressive.

Being yourself does not understand age or context and with the skull jewelry you can show off your passion for this symbol on any occasion.

In addition, both girls and boys can wear a necklace, a ring, a pendant or any other piece of jewelry with a skull.
Show the skulls to the world !, let go of your shyness and rock one of our skull necklaces or give the perfect gift to someone who is passionate about the symbol.


Why do people love to wear jewelry with skulls?

Earlier than Keith Richards wore cranium rings on each finger, Herodotus, Plato and Tibetan monks claimed it as an icon of energy. Within the 15th century individuals started adorning themselves with something that reminded them of their mortality—skulls, and skeletons included—creating what are referred to as “memento mori.” The time period interprets to “bear in mind you should die” not the brightest of sentiments, however demise was completely different then we suppose. Queen Victoria took this concept and began the development of memorial jewellery which relatively than mark the inevitability of demise, commemorated the reminiscence of a cherished one who has died (in her case, The King.) Skulls made it again within the 1960s on rock star royalty after which labored their method—albeit newly studded with diamonds—onto the immortal fingers of the women who lunch.

Skull Jewelry: The History and Symbolism behind the bones

Is skull jewelry expensive?

One of the characteristics of this type of jewelry is that it is very popular among certain urban tribes, such as goths, bikers and rockers.

So there are a lot of possibilities in the market, therefore we can find cheap but quality skull jewelery, such as stainless steel, and high-level skull jewelry that includes gold, silver, platinum and gems. like rubies, emeralds and diamonds.
To illustrate, we leave here some of the items in our store.

Some Cheap Skulls Jewelry Items

Some Expensive Skulls Jewelry Items

The different kinds of skull jewelry

In addition to the objects that we can commonly find in jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, watches and necklaces there are different types of skull jewelery depending on what they representk for instance an animal or even the material from which those objects are made.

For example :

  • Badass Skull Jewelry
  • Gothic Skull Jewelry
  • Skull piercing jewelry
  • Animal Skull Jewelry
  • Stainless Steel Skull Jewelry
  • Skull Labret Jewelry
  • Skull Silver Jewelry

The badass jewelry is cool!

Badass Jewelery its  an assortment of trendy biker jewellery for women and men.

Badass products include from rings to bracelets, earrings, Zippo lighters, and extra top-quality items comprised of sterling silver, 316L surgical chrome steel, tungsten, and leather-based. The stingray assortment is very nice, and is product of real high-quality stingray leather-based on pure sterling silver, one thing you do not see on a regular basis.

Here you are some cool pieces of badass jewelry for women and men

Some cool badass jewelry items

Surf our shop, and discover nice skull jewelry for women, and skulls jewelry for men. We are pretty  sure that you will find something cool here

Daith skull earrings or piercing. A special kind of skulls jewelry

Daith piercing, is an ear piercing that passes via the ear’s innermost cartilage fold, the crus of the helix.

Many people like to adorn their body with piercings, but if you are one of those people who like to wear skulls everywhere, you may want to see these particular products of skull daith jewelry that we show you below.

In addition to skulls jewelry in our skull shop you will also find :