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Skull Decorations

Seeking to enhance your dorm, home, or residence according to your strong personality and surprise your friends and family? Well it's your lucky day, because in skulldeco we dedicate ourselves, to search and find the best products so you can decorate your house and your body with what we like the most. Products with skulls!  

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Skull Decorations: The key to achieve originality

Skull decorations are the top-of-the-line and best methods to flaunt your alternative style in your home. By incorporating skull décor and sugar skull décor all through your bed room, lavatory, kitchen, front room, and eating space you will give a completely new, fun and mysterious atmosphere to your home.

There is nothing that compares to the use of the iconic skulls when it comes to decorating the home to the taste of people who like gothic fashion.
But not only do people who identify with the Gothic use these objects, but on the other hand, decoration with skull products, whether from the home, from vehicles, is very often used by rockers and bikers, and also by other people who simply want to show a different aesthetic face.ç

The  American columnist, author, former Fox News contributor, and current co-host of The View Meghan McCain confessed her ardent love of skulls to the New York Situations .

“I love skulls. I have 10 of them. I love the way they look in my place. I have one on my night stand; one on my desk; crystal ones in my kitchen; one that’s filled with vodka; some with diamond eyes.,” she gushed, describing skulls statues that reside in her West Hollywood condominium. “I’ve one on mynight stand; one on my desk; crystal ones in my kitchen; one which’s stuffed withvodka; some with diamond eyes.”

Skulls decorations skull deco

Some Skull decoration ideas

Here we show some proposals for decorative products with skulls from which you can get ideas to decorate different areas of your home.

Skull art

Skulls, art and decor

The face of a skull in its most typical concept is always related to the danger, the loss of life or the dead. However in, we think that the concept is much broader and that from the point of view artistic view, this symbol can perfectly reconcile with art and with life.

Throughout history, skulls have been particularly symbols of multiple purposes and of course , skull decorations too. Do you want to honor the lifeless? Use motifs with skulls. Promote eternal wisdom?

The skulls already appear in the muted paints of great artists, even the greatest ones have come to his illustration. Only by doing a sloppy count are artists like Basquiat, Dalí, Van Gogh, Goya, Frida Khalo, Rembrandt.

All of them with a different mission have come to the object within the framework of their works to talk about arguments that cover topics such as death, thought, morbidity, presence, irreducible purity, anatomy, simplicity, origin. Among many more, indescribably many more.

Sugar Wall Art

Wall artwork is an incredible method of skull decorations  giving your lounge a brand new and higher look.

Imagine what you can get in terms of decorating your home with a little creativity and these and other fantastic artistic creations that you will find in our store. Definitely decoration with paintings or frames with skulls is an incredible alternative to bring the aesthetics of your home, to the next level.

To illustrate this idea here we present some wonderful creations.

Ghotic Decor

Gothic decor is all about drama and sophistication. The lavish interiors of a Victorian Gothic home will be draped in high-end supplies, curved ornate furnishings, and a great deal of decorative particulars.

All the colours of this elegant time had been daring, wealthy and dramatic. Partitions had been papered or painted in wonderful colours reminiscent of, emerald inexperienced, deep burgundy, ruby crimson, and darkish ocean blue.

Earth parts reminiscent of wooden, brick and terra-cotta had been additionally shade elements that might be discovered in every single place in these abodes.

Ghotic Home Decor Ideas

Sugar Skulls Art

The concept of celebrating the dead has been rising in reputation all over the world as increasingly more individuals study Día de Muertos, and see it as a wholesome strategy to bear in mind those that have handed.

As a substitute of being frightened by dying and treating it as a taboo topic, it is higher to simply accept that dying is a pure, integral a part of the cycle of life. Today you will discover celebrations impressed by the Mexican Day of the Lifeless happening all around the world.

In our opinion, sugar skull decorations are really fun, cheerful and give a very original and festive touch to any home, and not only during Halloween and Christmas, but throughout the year.

Sugar Skulls Art

Some nice and funny examples of Sugar Skull Heads

What do you think of these funny heads of sugar skulls? They can give your festive and fun touch to your desk table, or to any other piece of furniture in the house. Without a doubt, a different touch for a different aesthetic.

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