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How to Draw Skulls Easily and Quickly

Drawing skulls is not so difficult, but you need to know some basics to make it like a pro.

There are many ways to draw skulls, and many styles, so among others we can find, not only drawings of human skulls, but it is also very common to draw skulls of wolves and mythological animals among others.

In this post, we want to share with you some quality information and videos to help you guys and gals to draw skulls or skull characters faces

Skull Drawing in Art

The skulls are symbols that have been utilized by all cultures to represent very quite a few sides, from lack of life to spirituality.

Skull’s artwork shouldn’t be a brand new thought. On this put up you may learn a Brief Historical past of Skulls in Artwork.

Skulls have been used as artwork and decoration for hundreds of years, however, they have gained immense recognition solely lately. Way back to 7200 B.C., skulls have been displayed in houses within the Center East, but since that point interval predates writing, there isn’t a method of figuring out the symbolism behind the shows.

Below you can see various types of artistic expression in different objects with drawings of skulls

Throughout WW II, many propaganda posters included imagery of skulls. The Allies distributed propaganda posters using cranium imagery which portrayed Hitler as dying or inflicting deaths. The Axis posters warned of impending death to Allied fighters using skulls and bones.

The usage of skulls on this method impressed extra artists within the years after WW II to include skulls of their artwork. By the 1970s cranium imagery labored its manner into t-shirts, equipment, and pop artwork.

How to draw the basis for a human skull

All you need to draw a cool skull head is a pencil ,paper and some crayons to give some color.

Let’s start with a procedure to draw a skull in a very simple way using shapes and guidelines to get a nice sketch of a skull

Drawing squares, triangles, lines and circles is almost all you need at this point because this drawing skull method is for the simple drawing of a skull

You can also combine the drawings of skulls with roses, flames, to give the content a completely original look.

Check out the nice video about how to begin sketching a skull below.

How to begin sketching a Skull

Simple Drawing of a Skull. Tutorial

The following video is an excellent tutorial on how to draw a simple skull. In our opinion a magnificent a how to draw a realistic skull drawing.

Another great method to draw skulls very easily is the one proposed by Jon Harris in the following video.

The drawing skulls technique is very imaginative and simple so you can get your skull drawing in no time.

According to the author of the video in just 4 minutes! – Speed drawing!

How to draw a super cool skull in under 4 minutes

Just start off by drawing two circles and then add some guide lines for the eye sockets, nose and jaw . Nice and simple way !

Maybe you need a method that explains how to draw a skull in detail and step by step, and that is exactly what we have prepared for you in the following video

How to Draw a Skull step by Step

In this case, the proposal requires a little more effort, dedication, and drawing technical knowledge, however, the quality of the skull drawing obtained is superb.

How to draw a Realistic Skull

How to Draw a Sugar Skull

Prepare a marker and some paper, because there is a lot of fun to draw. Here you could use your creativity to design and draw a skull easy and celebrate The Day of the Deaths!

These skulls are usually made in celebration of the Día de Los Muertos, the Day of the Dead a vacation celebrated in Mexico that roughly corresponds to Halloween.  The title of a deceased liked one could also be written on the Skull

Discover ways to draw a sugar skull! Observe the video together with us but additionally, use your creativity to alter your drawings.

Let’s start drawing two circles for the eyes and continue with the rest, as they explain in this great video!

Anyway, we recommend that you take a look at the books that we propose, in them, you will find many techniques and tips that will help you improve your level as a cartoonist of skulls. We hope you find them useful!

Do not forget to visit the skull drawings book section where you can find some interesting books about how to draw sugar skulls

Skull Images

Below you can see a series of images of skulls of public domain and high artistic quality that we have selected especially for you. Click on the images to see them enlarged. We hope you like our gallery

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